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Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium has finished the roof structure

In December 30th, the roof structure of Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, which was built by China Construction Eighth Engineering Division, was completely closed. The construction of the steel roof structure of the gymnasium and the swimming pool was also completed on schedule, marking the completion of the construction of the steel structure of the Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center project "one two pavilions" (stadium, gymnasium and swimming pool).

Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center is the largest gymnasium in Henan Province, the total amount of steel used in the project is 37,000 tons. Class A gymnasium 1, the total number of seats 16,000; A Class A Swimming Hall with 3, 000 permanent seats. Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center is the venue for the 11th National traditional Sports Games of ethnic minorities held in Zhengzhou on 2019.

Jiangsu Xinlantian Steel Structure Co.,ltd. has supplied 8500 tons steel structure for Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center.As the subcontractor of China Construction Eighth Engineering Division,we have finished the steel structure Safe production, finish on time & quality , control product cost.

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